Rosemary Flowers

The rosemary flower is an exceptionally small and bright blossom that blooms from a woody, perennial herb plant. These flowers, which grow from the genus rosmarinus in the family lamiaceae, are native to regions of the Mediterranean. These herbs are best known for their needle-shaped evergreen leaves, which sprout for either trailing or upright plants. They are generally very long, and – though comparatively small – are quite broad in structure; their upper sides are a dark green, while their underbelly is a light, ashy white with small, dense hairs. The flowers themselves only begin to develop when the plant is fully mature, and may be seen in hues of blue, purple, pink and white.

The rosemary flower is often overlooked, as these plants are best known for their flavorful leaves – which are most commonly used in food and folk remedies. However, these blossoms have found their own place in storytelling and custom. In some legends, these blooms are said to improve memory, and thus – over time – they have become a large part of both weddings and funerals. Rosemary springs have long been thrown into open graves to show respect for the dead, and to tell them that they will not be forgotten; on the other hand, wreaths and garlands are made of these flowers – which are most frequently worn by the bride – and are retained as a keepsake, so that the couple may always be reminded of their wedding day. The rosemary flower has also been used in divination and magic. One such example tells of the plant being potted and assigned the name of several potential love interests. The plant that grew healthy and strong belonged to the most suitable candidate. In addition to naming a new love, these blossoms were often used as love charms – cloth dolls were sewn and stuffed with rosemary to attract love; bunches of rosemary sprigs were carried by newly married couples to bring about fertility; while sachets filled with the dried flowers could be placed under a pillow, in a linen drawer or under a doormat to either dream of your next love, bring about the start of a sensual attachment, or attract your lover right to your door.

In addition to symbolizing remembrance, the rosemary flower is said to represent fidelity, as well as constancy and loyalty. These blossoms are most commonly traded between old and new lovers alike – to show that they will always be true to each other. They are also sometimes given to both lovers and friends that have to leave, so as to express the notion that they will always be remembered.

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