Jasmine Flowers

The jasmine flower is grown from a line of shrubbery and vines that are closely related to the olive family. Although there are about 200 different species of this flower, three of the most common consist of the white, yellow and Japanese varieties. These plants can grow up to 15 feet in their life span, and most of the vine varieties are considered healthy ‘climbers.’ These vines can grow onto other plants or be trained to grow through picket fences, shrubs, or around artfully arranged pieces of chicken wire. Many people grow these plants for their brilliant green leaves as well as for their soft, delicately colored flowers. The leaves themselves – which can either be deciduous or evergreen – are often round, intensely colored and shiny in appearance.

The jasmine flower has been used for ages in a variety of ways. Not only is this flower considered a beautiful plant to keep in the garden, it is also frequently used to adorn woman’s hair and clothing. They have been used to scent green tea leaves; to create delightfully floral pastries, and the scent can be extracted to create essential oils with both healing and aphrodisiac-like properties. The essential oil created from the jasmine flower is said to be an anti-depressant, anti-septic, and a calming sedative. It is also used either by itself or with other notes to create soft, sensuous perfumes that have been favored by women around the world for centuries. The jasmine flower is also widely loved for its strong cultural ties. These blossoms are the national symbol for the Philippines – known there as “Sampaguita” — and Indonesia, where it is known as “Melati.” These flowers are often used as vital elements to both wedding and religious ceremonies.

As a gift, jasmine flowers can be given in a variety of ways, and hold a variety of meanings. In China the jasmine flower is considered the ideal emblem for feminine kindness. In other areas these flowers are thought to indicate grace and delicacy, as well as sensuality and cheerfulness. They are thought to attract wealth and romantic attachments. They make great gifts for those you have a special fondness for; someone who enjoys rich floral fragrances, or even someone who is something of a night owl, as some varieties of this flower tend to open up and show their full beauty late at night. These flowers can easily be given as indoor plants, ready to be planted into the recipient’s own garden, or simply clipped and placed into a fresh bouquet.

Jasmine Flower Pictures

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12 thoughts on “Jasmine Flowers”

  1. Hello,
    I am curious what type of Jasmine flower is in the picture that is located in the top row forth from the right or left.
    It seems to have pedals similar to a rose than that of some of the other pictures shown.
    Thank You,

  2. I see many types of flowers on your web site oh these are very lovely as i want. thanks a lot and I hope you make them at one place that we can download at once. so please make *.rar formate that we want to download

  3. that was a jasmine flower, one type of jasmine that have many petals its less fragrance than that of 5 petal jasmine.

  4. i just love the flower in picture 13 i just love the jasmine flower and the name it not only means a flower it mean a gift from god

  5. Picture 12 is not of the jasmine but of the bougainvilla and picture 11 is of the frangipani.

  6. jasmine flower to me is the most beautiful smell god has ever put on this planet..they are a very delightful smell and very beautiful sight to look at…

  7. hello, would you mind giving me the name of the pink jasmine that is picture no7.
    thank you.

  8. Rose Pikake known as Jasmine Thanks I was looking for the site that would give more of it’s meaning’s, I needed to do my tattoo thank you!

  9. Hi, I have a jasmine plant with white flowers. Today I went out to look at it and it has
    some pink flowers on it… It seems that the white flowers are the only ones that have
    a scent to them. The pink ones have no scent. I have not found any info on the flowers
    that say anything about white and pink flowers on the jasmine.
    Any info would be appreciated.
    Thank you.
    Heather (holyheat@verizon.net)

  10. I just bought a jasmine that has a pink bud, but when it opens it is an off white may e palepale pink.. Some of the plants by it had white buds and opened to very white blooms. Are these two the same plant name or do they have a different name. My friend who bought one at the same time called the place of purchase and they told her that they were the same plant name and one was little older plant which made it a white bloom. Would you solve this if possible as my friend claims her bloom is very white and mine is a pale pink so they must not be the same.

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