Ginger Flowers

Most people associate the ginger flower with its edible variety; however, this particular type is only one of a large family of plants. Ginger is native to several parts of Asia, but the cultivation has also spread into parts of West Africa and the Caribbean. Although there are many types of flowers that grow from this plant, one of the most recognizable has a stem that grows roughly 12 inches above the ground with bright, ribbed leaves, and distinctive white or yellow blooms.

Though the ginger flower has long been loved for its beauty – often being used to fill out tropical gardens, and in decorative pieces such as leis – it is mostly sought after for its culinary and medicinal uses. The root of the ginger plant is a member of the same family as turmeric and cardamom, and is often used in exotic dishes because of its rich, warming properties. The use of this plant for medicinal purposes has only recently become popular. Made into teas, tinctures, and even dried and made into capsules, this spice is frequently used for digestive ailments; however, in Ayurvedic medicine, it is thought to help with a plethora health-related issues such as joint pain, decreased circulation, and a delayed menstrual cycle. Essential oils are also used for digestive upsets, treating cold or flu symptoms, and to help speed up the healing process of bruises. The ginger flower itself is often used to create exotic smelling perfumes, soaps and lotions. Depending upon the type of flower used, the scent can range from a spicy, earthy smell, to a more delicate floral odor.

Many people like to give the ginger flower as a gift. This is usually as an alternative to the standard bouquet of roses. To some, the fiery reds that many ginger flowers exhibit are an expression of passion, love, and a strong bond between lovers. The ginger flower is mostly a symbol of strength; however, whatever color you choose – from the bold red to a mellow white – can be paired with the significance of the flower itself. There are many ways to give this flower as a gift. For example, you could present it to the recipient as a garland for the neck or hair; clip a single fresh blossom, or give it as a pressed token; or simply give them a potted ginger to keep and grow for a long time to come.

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