Freesia Flowers

The freesia flower is a genus of roughly 40 species which are indigenous to Africa. These flowers – which are a member of the iridaceae family – are herbaceous plants that sprout from a bulb-like corm, have grassy foliage, and develop wiry, funnel shaped blossoms which form as a cluster atop each stalk. Freesias come in a wide array of colors, from a distinct golden hue to a bright white, a brilliant red to a deep purple, and some may even come in bi-colored shades. Aside from a lovely and unique appearance, the freesia flower is also well loved for its enchanting scent. Most species of freesia give off a distinctly lemon-like odor; however, the freesia leichtlinii and freesia alba are considered two of the most fragrant in the family.

Because of the intoxicating scent of the freesia flower it has long been used for lotions, soaps and perfumes; however, its uses in aromatherapy have become a big hit. The oils that are extracted from these flowers are supposed to have a cleansing and calming effect to the skin, body and mind. These oils are often mixed with other floral or fruit scents and placed into oil burners and vaporizers. They are also used to freshen air, linens, clothing, and potpourri.

The freesia flower is full of warmth when it comes to symbolism. These lovely flowers are thought to be representative of friendship, trust and innocence in general; however, as is that case with many flowers, each color means its own thing. For instance, yellow flowers symbolize renewed energy, while white commonly means purity. Freesias make great gifts, as their message of friendship is universal. They have become very popular as both part of a bridal bouquet, and as part of wedding decorations. Given their fantastic scent and beautiful appearance, these flowers also make great gift baskets. For this you can include the flowers themselves, alongside bottles of perfume, soap and lotion.

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