Forget Me Not Flowers

Myosotis is a small genus of delicate flowering plant life which is better known as the forget me not flower. This genus contains around 50 species and is in the boraginaceae family. These plants may be either annual or perennial, and vary drastically between species. Despite that fact, though, the most recognizable forms of this flower contain 5-petaled, flat heads that may appear in either light blue or purple. Forget me nots grow best when planted early in spring in shady areas. They require rich, moist soil, but are otherwise easy to maintain throughout their lifespan, and – in fact – are thought to be relatively free of pests and diseases.

The forget me not flower has accumulated a good deal of legend over time. One of the best known legends is of how it got its distinctive name. It is said that a medieval knight walked near a riverbank with his beloved. As they walked, he slipped into the water and could not get out because of the weight of his armor. As his love wept and tried to pull him from the water, he handed her a bouquet of small, blue flowers and whispered, “forget me not.” These flowers have also been mentioned in many folkloric tales that stated they had a curative effect on scorpion stings, and thus they were called “scorpion grass.” In other stories they were said to be used as protective talismans against witches, and lucky emblems to the likes of King Henry IV of England – who adopted this flower as his personal good luck charm. Aside from being a fortuitous symbol, the forget me not flower is also occasionally used by herbalists. Teas are sometimes made from dried forget me nots not only for its pleasant, slightly earthy flavor, but also because it is said to be soothing to the nerves, promote better sleep, better skin and even weight loss.

As a gift, the forget me not flower – as its name implies – is given in remembrance. It is not uncommon for these plants to be received by the family members and friends of someone who has recently passed away. On the lighter side, they are also occasionally given out by companies as a unique way to remind customers of their brand. As well as being a symbol for remembrance and luck, these flowers are also representative of true, faithful love, fond memories and hope, and are quite commonly seen in arrangements that can be given to loved ones and friends.

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